Joint Statement of President Katerina Sakellaropoulou and President Reuven Rivlin

Today, May 21, 2020, as the Hellenic Republic and the State of Israel mark the 30th anniversary of the establishment of full diplomatic relations between our two countries and the strengthening of the bonds between our two peoples, President of the Hellenic Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou and President of the State of Israel Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin come together to celebrate our relationship – past, present and future. 

Beyond strong political ties, this relationship has grown significantly over recent years in many sectors. We work together in the fields of economy, defense, science and technology, as well as culture. Our diasporas communities play a major role in building a bridge of friendship between our countries. The East Med Pipeline Project advances energy security in the EU and brings our neighbors in the Eastern Mediterranean closer. Tourism brings our societies even closer together, despite the painful disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

This strong relationship has substantially grown in recent years, both bilaterally and within the context of the trilateral scheme of cooperation with the Republic of Cyprus. Reinforced by the participation of the United States of America, together we promote regional security, stability and development.

As the Hellenic Republic and the State of Israel mark this important point in their relations, we are determined to continue to work in close cooperation and coordination. Together, we will work for the advancement of friendship and partnership, further strengthening our unique ties in an ever-increasing number of areas of common interest, thus contributing to the prosperity of our broader region.

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