structure and information


The Presidency of the Republic constitutes an independent public authority, assisting the President in performing her official duties. Its composition, organization and functioning are governed by Presidential Decree n.351/91.

Secretary General Aliki Chatzi, Ambassador a.h.

The Secretary General has the overall responsibility of all departments, as well as the supervision of all other public services working under the authority of the Presidency.

Secretary for Administration Nikolaos Manouris

The Secretary for Administration has, after the Secretary General, overall responsibility for all administrative, personnel, financial and economic affairs.


Director Elias Natsios

The Director of the Cabinet assists the President in the exercise of her official duties, including her correspondence, public functions, and contacts.
He is also the Director of the Press and Public Relations Departments

Press Office

The Press Office is the official liaison with the mass media. It assists and informs the President on media coverage of developments in Greece and abroad, and handles all Press related matters.

Public Relations – Head of Department Maria Triantafyllidou

This department has the overall responsibility for planning, organizing and implementing all public appearances of the President within Greece, including all official visits and events at the Presidential Mansion.

OFFICE OF LEGAL AFFAIRS Director Konstantinos Koussoulis, Vice President of the Council of State.

The Office of Legal Affairs is responsible for reviewing and submitting proposals on matters regarding the exercise of the powers conferred on the President of the Republic by the Constitution. These include, inter alia, issuing acts of legislative content (emergency decree- laws), statutes, regulatory or individual decrees, granting pardons, and reducing or commuting sentences imposed by the courts.

DIPLOMATIC OFFICE Director Maria Solomou, Minister Plenipotentiary

The Diplomatic Office assists and informs the President on all international and diplomatic matters. It organizes and oversees official visits of the President abroad, as well as visits of foreign Heads of State to Greece.

MILITARY OFFICE Director Efthymios Mikros, Vice Admiral

The Military Office is responsible for assisting and informing the President on all military matters. The Presidential Guard is also within the competence of the Military Office.


The Office of Administrative Affairs is responsible for matters relating to the personnel of the Presidency, the coordination and supervision of administrative issues, as well as the maintenance of the buildings and facilities of the Presidency.

FINANCIAL AFFAIRS OFFICE Director Christos Adamopoulos

The Financial Affairs Office is responsible for matters relating to the drawing up of the Budget, the financial management, and the payment of salaries of the employees.

Other offices of the Presidency, performing under the supervision of the Secretary General, include the Security Service of the President of the Republic.