The Presidency of the Republic is administratively and financially an independent public authority. Its composition, organisation and functions are governed by Presidential Decree n.351/91. The departments help the President of the Republic in the exercise of his duties.

Secretary General

Georges Yennimatas, Ambassador, a.h.

The Secretary General oversees all the departments of the Presidency of the Republic and supervises all the offices attached to it.


Special Secretary

Vasilios Andronopoulos

The departments of the Presidency of the Republic are as follows

President’s Office


Eleonora Vlaikou

Private Secretary:

Konstantina Giannakodimou

This office is responsible for aiding the President of the Republic in the exercice of his duties, handling his personal and official correspondence and arranging his personal meetings.

The President’s Office comprises the following two sections:

The Press Office – Head of Department

Costas Melissopoulos

The Press Office is responsible for briefing the President as well as for the President’s relations with the Press and the Electronic Media.

Public Relations Department – Head of Department

Laura Molyviati

The Public Relations Department is responsible for arranging matters relating to the public appearances and movements of the President of the Republic, planning his trips inside Greece, as well as organising receptions and other events at the Presidential Mansion.

Legal Department


Sotirios Al. Rizos, former President of the State Council

The Legal Department is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations about all matters attributed to the exercise of the powers given to the President of the Republic by the Constitution, issuing statutes, acts of legislative content, regulatory or individual decrees, granting pardons, reducing or commuting sentences imposed by the courts etc.

Diplomatic Office


Catherine Koika, Minister Plenipotentiary

The Diplomatic Office is responsible for following all matters connected with international relations, keeping the President of the Republic briefed on such matters and preparing Presidential visits abroad. This office also organises receptions and deals with all matters of protocol related to the President’s meetings with Heads of foreign countries, with foreign dignitaries, the Diplomatic Corps, International organisations and Greek foundations, organisations and Greeks from abroad.


Military Office


Grigorios Prezerakos, Lieutenant General (I)

The Military Office is responsible for keeping the President of the Republic informed on all matters of a military nature as well as for dealing with matters of protocol relating to the Armed Forces.

The Presidential Guard comes under the Military Office.


Administrative Office


Mirto Tsigga

The Office of Administrative Affairs is responsible for all matters relating to the staff of the Presidency, the coordination and supervision of administrative issues connected with the Presidency of the Republic, the observance of the general protocol as well as for the supervision of the buildings and facilities of the Presidency.


Financial Affairs Office


Valakosta Magdalini

The Financial Affairs Office is responsible for matters relating to the drawing up of the budget, the financial management, the payment of staff salaries, procurements and the management and distribution of materials.


Other Offices attached to the Presidency

Included in the departments of the Presidency of the Republic whose operation is overseen by the Secretary General are:
The Security Service which is responsible for the security of the President of the Republic, his residence and the Presidency buildings as well as for the safety of Heads of State and other VIPs who visit Greece in an official capacity, on the invitation of the President of the Republic.

To these departments also belong the Department of Financial Control, the Post Office and the Telecommunications Office.