Prokopiοs Pavlopoulos was born in 1950 in Kalamata, Greece, where he attended the 4th Elementary School and the Paralia High School. In 1968 he was accepted at the Athens Law School from which he graduated, with distinction, in 1973. He then went to Paris for postgraduate studies. In 1974 he obtained a Master of Advanced Studies (DEA) in Public Law from the University Paris II and in 1977 he obtained his PhD (Doctorat d’ État) with distinction. He was a visiting Professor at Paris II University (1986). In 1982 he started his academic career at the University of Athens Law School where he was elected Assistant Professor (1983), Associate Professor (1985) and Professor in 1989.

Among many other works, he is the author of the following:

“La directive en droit administrative”, Paris 1978, “The Law and Practice Relating to Pollution Control in Greece” (in collaboration with Dr. Gr. Timagenis) 1982, “The constitutional guarantee of the writ of annulment: A contemporary viewpoint of the rule of law” 1982, “Courses in administrative science” 1983, “The civil liability of the State” vol. I 1986, vol. II 1989, “Guarantees of the right to judicial protection in European community law” 1993, “The public works contract” 1997, “Articles, 1987- 2003” 2003, “Constitutional Reform- looked at from the parliamentary experience” 2010, “The Twilight of Political Leaderships: Cause or effect of the economic crisis?” 2011, “Public Law at the time of economic crisis” vol. I, 2nd edition 2014, “Public Law”, 3rd edition 2015, collective work in collaboration with professors A. Gerontas, S. Lytras, Gl. Siouti and S. Flogaitis.

In the political arena, he held the position of Secretary to the first (interim) President of the Republic, Michael Stassinopoulos (1974-1975). He was Deputy Minister of the Presidency responsible for the Media and Government Spokesman during the Xenophon Zolotas National Unity Government (1989-1990). He was Director of the Presidency legal office during the presidency of Konstantinos Karamanlis (1990-1995) and spokesman of the New Democracy political party (1995-1996). In 1996 he was elected Member of Parliament for the State for the New Democracy party and was head of the Public Administration, Public Order and Justice department (1996-2000). From 2000 to 2014 he was elected to Parliament representing the constituency of Central Athens. He was Parliamentary spokesman for the New Democracy party (2000-2004). From 2004 until 2009 he was Minister of the then integrated Ministry of the Interior during the Kostas Karamanlis Government. On February 18, 2015 he was elected President of the Republic with 233 votes out of 300.